2 in 1 Underwater and Forest Animals Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

SKU 41-07843

Pat yourself on the back! You've found a quiet activity to engage your child mentally and physically. This screen-free game of completing a jigsaw stimulates the right and left sides of the brain at once. With cartoon images your child will love, this pack delights and challenges. Once they've mastered the 24-piece jigsaw, reward them with the 35-piece jigsaw. Heidi's kids puzzle is made with monoblock knives. Each part has different cuts. No piece will sit anywhere else. 2 mm blue cardboard printing is done without touching the production. Does not contain any substances harmful to health, all the tests that meet the European standards have been made. It conforms to Sedex, FSC, CE norms. For ages 4-5.

Springbok has been a leading name in the puzzle world since 1963. One of the few puzzle manufacturers that make puzzles exclusively in the USA, Springbok is known for high quality, frame-able puzzles.