Red Threads Necklace with Red Tassel and Glass Beads

SKU 1004130274

A lovely piece, the Red Threads Necklace with Red Tassel and Glass Beads, features bright red spacers alternating between clear glass beads. A red thread tassel serves as the pendant and is secured with silver thread. This eye-catching necklace is a bold piece that accents any top. Give it as a gift to the person in your life with whom you have a strong bond; a daughter, wife, mother, or friend. Let loved ones know you care with gifts from the Red Thread collection. These pieces fit neatly into each part of the day, providing comfort and warmth with wraps, necklaces, and bracelets. Each item is accented with red threads symbolizing your relationship with special someone. The beads of this necklace each have a unique tonal variation for increased visual interest.

  • Size: 36.0"H x0.0"W x0.0"D
  • Materials: glass bead, semi-precious stone, yarn