Mommy & Me Activity Scarf- Pink

SKU 5004700692

The Mommy & Me Activity Collection surrounds baby with comfort, love and engagement. Various textures provide sensory experiences to promote happy and engaged babies. Inspired by experiences with her own children, this collection from artist Jennifer Heynen promotes together time between parent and child. These items foster emotional well-being and brain development for baby. Our unique and lightweight Activity Scarf hangs around mom's neck while keeping baby happy and entertained.

  • Moms can wear the scarf while taking care of baby. Its delightful patterns and features give the little one something to play with and explore.
  • Some of the activities and designs on this scarf includes built-in pocket, rattle and squeaker, BPA-free teething ring.
  • Made from polyester fiber; measures 9.5"w x 52"long. Machine wash this scarf on cold. Hang it to dry.