6oz Moisturizing Citrus Gel Hand Sanitizer

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Because of the heavy alcohol content in Hand Sanitizer, you may first smell the alcohol. However, once your skin is dry, the odor will dissipate, and you are left with a light citrus fragrance. We think it smells like a margarita!

Using hand sanitizer frequently can make your hands very dry. Natural Inspirations Hand Sanitizer contains moisturizers to help combat dryness, including glycerin, aloe vera oil, aloe vera gel and Vitamin E.

Hand washing remains the most highly recommended method of warding off germs and viruses helping to prevent their transmission. Hand sanitizers with alcohol are an effective alternative, but only if used properly. That means rubbing the sanitizer on both hands completely and letting them dry.

62% Alcohol-based – the CDC requires Hand Sanitizer to contain greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol alcohol. This level of alcohol kills most germs and many types of bacteria and viruses including coronavirus.