Hand Sanitizer Gift Set

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This hand sanitizer gift set by 3 Chicks Soap Co. includes a 4oz Spray Bottle and 8 oz refill bottle.  The spray bottle is great for use on handles, door knobs and other hard surfaces that we come in contact with in our daily life. 

Note: The FDA has granted a temporary reprieve from regulations for manufacturers of hand sanitizer. Normally a controlled/inspected substance, the FDA has wisely allowed non-registered manufacturers to temporarily make and sell it while there is a shortage.  HOWEVER, there are very strict guidelines on what the sanitizer may be made of. They only allow 4 ingredients - 99% alcohol, peroxide, glycerin and purified water. No scents or essential oils are to be added, no aloe vera gel, or any other ineffective addition. Four ingredients ONLY, in specified proportions.

For the health and safety of our customers and staff we are unable to accept returns on this item.