Good Mail Assorted All-Occasion Cards, Box of 12

SKU 0001YYF1368
  • Good Mail boxed greeting card assortment includes 12 all-occasion cards (7 friendship, 4 birthday, 1 thank you) with print-lined envelopes and 1 "Be a good human" sticker. Glitter, foil, embossing, glossy accents and die-cut details add fun touches.
  • Friendship Cards:
    Armadillo card message: hi. It's me.; Me again.
    Good human card message: You are a good human; blank inside.
    Flowers in envelope card message: hello; I would have just texted, but this card is so pretty.
    Gems card message: You're my BFFF; Best Friend for F***ing-ever.
    Women on couch card message: We should do a podcast of us drinking and laughing.; People would love us.
    Mountains card message: I always think you're awesome; But today, you get it in writing.
    Rose in wine bottle card message: You're the sparkling rosé of people.; Both bubbly and fun!
  • Birthday Cards:
    Pug card message: You're one of the coolest bitches ever.; Happy Birthday!
    Zebra card message: Never stop being you; Happy Birthday
    Dinosaur with balloons card message: Yay for existing!
    Script card message: Let's get real for a sec. I don't know what the hell the world would do without you. Seriously, you're like the awesomest, kindest, absolute #1 human being on the face of the planet. I think my world would spontaneously combust if you weren't in it.; Basically, you're the best, and you deserve the best birthday ever.
  • Thank-You Card:
    Floral card message: Thank you; blank inside.
  • Good Mail is a curated collection of true-to-you cards that celebrate the amazing people you love to love. We partner with diverse artists and pay the good forward to causes we admire.
  • May require extra postage.
  • Card sizes vary: 4.25" W x 5.5" H; 5.25" W x 5.25" H