Cutetitos Pizzaitos - Surprise Stuffed Animals

SKU 39140
  • Discover NEW Series 5 Cutetitos Pizzaitos, with all new animals, fun new fabrics and a surprise pizza wrap! Unroll to reveal your new soft pet and everything about it! Who will you get?
  • Each Cutetito has a personality "Hot Spot" in the shape of a pizza slice - is yours cheesy, so cheesy, extra cheesy, or super cheesy? And which pizza wrap will you get – cheese, pepperoni, spicy, or Hawaiian?
  • The pet collector card will tell you everything you need to know about your Cutetito—"HotSpot" Cheese-O-Meter rating, birthday, species, and name
  • Packaged in a mystery bag, Cutetitos Fruititos are 7.5-inch stuffed animals wrapped in a soft, plush pizza blanket that includes a pet collector card. Collect all 12!