Bullseye Power Nozzle

SKU 810C

​​​​​​Invented and Made in the USA since 1969, the  Bullseye Power Nozzle is an industrial grade, small brass nozzle that delivers 50% More Power while using  50%  Less Water!

Using the power of constriction to control water flow, the Bullseye Power Nozzle adjusts from a Power mode to a Heavy Spray, a Pinpoint Stream, and a Guaranteed Leakproof Off!

Unsurpassed in quality, the Bullseye Power Nozzle is made of solid brass and has been relied upon by Wildland Firefighters, HVAC/R technicians, food and beverage processors, plumbers, sanitation workers, automotive professionals, and industrial users around the world for over 50 years!

​​​​​​Recently made available to the homeowner, if you're looking for a nozzle the pros use... get the Bullseye Power Nozzle!